Fontelis Fungicide Registered for Control of Botrytis Blight of Ginseng

DuPont recently announced the registration of Fontelis Fungicide (penthiopyrad) for control of Botrytis (Gray mold) on the Root Vegetable Crop Group, which includes ginseng. Fontelis is also registered for several foliar diseases of a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops. This is a new registration in Canada and ginseng is included on the initial label.

Fontelis Fungicide expands the tool kit for control of Botrytis on ginseng. It is in a different fungicide group (Group 7) than all of the other fungicides registered for control of Botrytis on ginseng, and provides a rotation option to manage resistance.

Apply Fontelis Fungicide at a rate of 1.0 to 1.75 L/ha. Begin applications prior to disease development and continue on a 7 to 14 day interval. Do not make more than 2 sequential applications before switching to a fungicide from a different group. Do not re-enter treated fields for 12 hours after application. Fontelis Fungicide can be applied up to the day of harvest.

With the new products registered for control of foliar diseases of ginseng over the past 2 years, ginseng growers now have a wide range of options to control Alternaria and Botrytis on ginseng. This will allow growers to manage resistance by rotating effective products over the season. Fungicide resistance can develop after as few as 2 or 3 consecutive applications of the same fungicide or of two fungicides within the same fungicide group. Once resistance develops in a field, it will easily spread to the entire industry. Each grower must do their part to prevent the loss of these effective management tools. For a listing of registered products for control of foliar diseases of ginseng along with their fungicide group consult the 2013 Crop Protection Guide for Ginseng (Supplement to Publication 610), which was distributed to all ginseng growers in early 2013. The Guide is also available at the OMAF and MRA Simcoe Resource Centre.

For more information on Fontelis fungicide, please visit the DuPont website at

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