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Lavender Crop Update – Dealing with Excess Water and Root Disease – July 27, 2023

Lavender is nearing the end of bloom which will start to wind down the busiest agritourism season for farms open to the public. The focus over the next few weeks will be harvest for oil extraction, distillation and pruning. At … Continue reading

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Ginseng Crop Update – Mid-Summer Issues – July 27, 2023

The ginseng crop is progressing normally with no major disease or insect issues for this time of year across the industry. However, heavy rains have increased Phytophthora root rot issues in many fields. Continued heavy rains could lead to more … Continue reading

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For all specialty crop growers who irrigate…..

Are you irrigating on your farm? Do you have your Permit to Take Water from the Ministry of the Environment? You must have a “Permit To Take Water” (PTTW) issued by the Ministry of the Environment to withdraw more than … Continue reading

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