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Low Acreage and Specialty Crop Priority Process, 2014

The 2014 research priority setting process is underway. Ontario low-acreage and specialty crop growers are encouraged┬áto provide feedback at the link below to ensure the needs of this industry are captured in research programs. A list of priorities from all … Continue reading

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Production of Native Herbs in Ontario Forests

On a recent trip to North Carolina, I had an opportunity to tour research and production sites for wild-simulated production of ginseng, goldenseal, black cohosh, bloodroot, false unicorn and a number of other native forest herbs. Wild-simulated production of herbs … Continue reading

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New Specialty Crop Resource Launched

By Sean Westerveld, Ginseng and Medicinal Herb Specialist OMAF and MRA; Evan Elford, New Crop Development Specialist OMAF and MRA; Melanie Filotas, Specialty Crop IPM Specialist OMAF and MRA; and Jim Todd, Transition Crops Specialist OMAF and MRA. Growers in … Continue reading

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Hops – not just for beer

Hops are well known for their use in brewing beer. The hop cone is the female inflorescence and produces various levels of alpha acids, beta acids and other oils depending on the cultivar. The levels of these compounds classify each … Continue reading

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So you’re thinking of growing a medicinal herb….

From Sean Westerveld, Ginseng and Medicinal Herb Specialist, OMAFRA: There are over 4,000 medicinal herbs that can be cultivated or grow naturally in Canada and many more that could be grown in a greenhouse. The cultural requirements of medicinal herbs … Continue reading

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Herbs – Not always pest free

Many people think of herbs as having no pests, and consequently pest management is often not considered an important aspect of herb production. Unfortunately, no crop is completely resistant to all pests, and over the past two years many pests … Continue reading

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