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Black Plastic: Is there a Viable Organic Mulch Alternative?

Black plastic mulch is widely used in the production of specialty vegetable crops due to its effectiveness as a weed barrier, capability to conserve soil moisture and ability to warm soil temperatures in spring.   Although it is permitted in organic … Continue reading

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Ginseng Research Update: Effects of Mulch Type on Ginseng Yield

In 2011, we established a research plot in a commercial ginseng field near Turkey Point to test different straw mulch treatments (Figure 1). The treatments included straw of rye, oat and wheat. For all of these treatments, any grains contained … Continue reading

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Using Plastic Mulches for Weed Control in Lavender

Weed control is the single largest labour requirement for lavender production. There are no herbicides registered for control of weeds in lavender, and therefore they have to be controlled by hand. However, mulches can be used to greatly reduce the labour … Continue reading

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Effect of Straw and Volunteer Grain on Ginseng

By Sean Westerveld and Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA A trial was established in 2011 in a commercial ginseng field to examine the impact of different types of straw on ginseng growth and susceptibility to pests. Rye and wheat are considered to … Continue reading

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Mulch Ado About Weeds: Management Strategies for Hops

Hop production acreage is increasing in Ontario and with expanding production come questions on weed management. Weed management is important around the base of the hop bine to decrease competition for nutrients and moisture.  Excessive weed growth can also restrict … Continue reading

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