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Ginseng Crop Update – Fall Armyworm on Rye Cover Crops – August 31, 2021

Growers are noting significant damage from fall armyworm on rye cover crops used before ginseng planting and rye nurse crops used to anchor the straw after planting. Wheat is also likely to be affected. There has been a major outbreak … Continue reading

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Are Garden Fleahoppers a Problem on Lavender?

By Estella Crosby, Summer Research Assistant, OMAFRA Garden fleahopper (Microtechnites bractatus) is an occasionally severe pest of lavender and potentially other perennial members of the mint family, especially when grown over black plastic mulch where warmer temperatures promote faster development … Continue reading

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What is the Value of the Ginseng Canopy Late in the Season? Ginseng Crop Update August 18, 2021

Ginseng growers have faced many weather-related challenges this year that have stunted the canopy, increased disease, caused earlier senescence of leaves and collapsed shade structures. When making decisions about how much to invest in protecting the ginseng canopy after damage … Continue reading

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Foliar Diseases of Outdoor Hemp (Cannabis sativa) and Their Management 2021

As canopies begin to close in hemp fields and dew periods lengthen, the risk of foliar diseases of hemp increases. The recent wet weather in much of southern Ontario also increases the risk of most diseases in the field. There … Continue reading

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Basil Downy Mildew Confirmed in Ontario

Basil downy mildew has been identified in both Norfolk and Wellington Counties on July 19. Infections probably began sometime last week. It is likely the disease is now widespread in southern Ontario and basil growers need to protect the crop … Continue reading

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Lavender Crop Update – Dying Lavender July 15, 2021

There are have been multiple reports of lavender suddenly dying over the past few weeks. Symptoms match those of Phytophthora root rot, with portions of plants wilting and dying with other portions still appearing healthy. However, samples of these plants … Continue reading

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