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Timing of Pollen Shed and Affect of Pollination on Cannabinoid Levels in Industrial Hemp Floral Oil.

Uses of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa var. sativa.) have recently expanded beyond fibre and seed to include extraction of medicinally useful oil from flowers.  When growing industrial hemp as a source of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), the common … Continue reading

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Foliar Diseases of Outdoor Hemp (Cannabis sativa) and Their Management 2021

As canopies begin to close in hemp fields and dew periods lengthen, the risk of foliar diseases of hemp increases. The recent wet weather in much of southern Ontario also increases the risk of most diseases in the field. There … Continue reading

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Downy Mildew Identified on Hemp (Cannabis sativa) in Southwestern Ontario

By: Amy Fang Shi, Sean Westerveld, Jim Todd and Melanie Filotas Downy mildew of hemp (also known as cannabis downy mildew) has been identified in multiple hemp fields in southwestern Ontario. The disease first appeared in early September and was … Continue reading

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