For all specialty crop growers who irrigate…..

Are you irrigating on your farm? Do you have your Permit to Take Water from the Ministry of the Environment? You must have a “Permit To Take Water” (PTTW) issued by the Ministry of the Environment to withdraw more than 50,000 litres of water in one day. This is the equivalent of irrigating ½ acre with 1 inch of water. A permit is required for taking water from any water source. For example taking water from a well, stream, lake, pond on your property or even a drainage ditch will require a PTTW.
Even if you don’t irrigate every year, you should have a permit.

Don’t gamble with your water supply: To apply for your PTTW contact your local Ministry of the Environment office, call 1-800-265-7672 or get an application from their web site at: <a href=”

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association will be holding PTTW workshops in the OMAF and MRA Simcoe auditorium in 2013/14. Contact George Shearer 519-763-6160 x 219 to register ($20). The format will be a half day session 9am-12pm working through the application form in a group setting. The dates are:

2013: April 26, Oct 25, Nov 29

2014: Jan 31, Mar 28

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