June 29, 2021 Ontario Hazelnut Crop Update

Crop Status

As we reach the end of June, most growers are happy with their tree growth and don’t have many production issues to report. Some had experienced sudden death of older and healthy trees near the beginning of the season, but now growers are reporting unusually low mortality rates.

Hazelnut nut clusters have appeared in all varieties across southern Ontario and trees are still rapidly putting on vegetative growth. As of 2021, Yamhill, Gamma, and Jefferson are the most commonly-planted cultivars in Ontario. All 3 are developing well and have put on substantial growth in the last 2 weeks. Jefferson appears to be a week or so behind the other two, and nutlets are bit smaller.

The wet and cool weather of the past week was a welcome end to an otherwise fairly dry month of June. Growers everywhere are still finding it necessary to irrigate.

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  1. Ross Alan MacKenzie says:

    Here in Cayuga at Haldimand Hazelnuts, we have been struggling with aphid infested trees unlike anything previously experienced. Despite spraying twice, they are still infested and the sticky honeydew is incredible. We will need to spray a third time for sure.
    Ross MacKenzie

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