Pesticide Resistance Management – Lunch and Learn Series

Lunch and Learn Series for fruit, vegetable and specialty crops

Presented by OMAFRA horticulture specialists: Hannah Fraser – Entomologist, Katie Goldenhar – Pathologist, Kristen Obeid – Weed Management

This series on pesticide resistance management is to give field growers with fruit, vegetable and specialty crops a holistic view on pesticide resistance. We will cover basics of pesticide resistance then dive deeper into insecticide, herbicide and fungicide resistance and management. Register with the link below, you will be able to attend all sessions. Sessions will start each day at 12pm with a 30-minute presentation followed by question and answer period.

Resistance 101 – Monday January 25th 12-1pm

  • Impact of resistance
  • How resistance occurs
  • Resistance drivers
  • Mechanisms of resistance
  • Challenges to management  
  • Foundations of resistance management
  • Resources for success

Insecticide Resistance – Tuesday January 26th 12-1pm

  • 16,000 cases and counting
  • Mechanisms of pesticide resistance in insects and mites
  • Risk factors beyond your control
  • How agronomic practices can drive selection pressure
  • Spraying by the numbers: IRAC MOA groups and your IPM program

Herbicide Resistance – Wednesday January 27th 12-1pm

  • Mechanisms of Herbicide Resistance
  • Herbicide Risk (WSSA groups, low vs high risk products)
  • Weed Risk – Current resistant weed situation: Focus on Amaranthus spp.
  • Agronomic Risk (practices that increase herbicide resistance risk)
  • Herbicide Resistance Management

Fungicide Resistance – Thursday January 28th 12-1pm

  • Fungicide Risk (FRAC groups, multi-site vs single-site, low vs high risk products)
  • Diseases at Risk (diseases at high risk, factors that increase resistance)
  • Agronomic practices that can decrease resistance risk
  • Fungicide resistance management (BMPs when using fungicides)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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