Rovral Re-Evaluation Update

At the time of publishing the Crop Protection Guide for Ginseng , OMAFRA Publication 847, communications from both PMRA and the registrant of Rovral (FMC) suggested that growers had 3 years from the re-evaluation decision date (up to June 21, 2021) to use up any remaining stock of Rovral before registration would be terminated for ginseng. PMRA did not respond to our requests for additional clarification on the last date of Rovral use by the publication deadline of the ginseng crop protection guide.

We have just been informed by FMC that based on their latest communications with PMRA, this date was incorrect. Since Rovral is a cancelled use for ginseng and the product is not being cancelled entirely, growers only have 2 years from the decision date before they have to use it according to the amended label. Since ginseng is not on the amended label, ginseng growers will not be able to use the product after June 21, 2020. If we receive a response from PMRA indicating a different date of final use, ginseng growers will be notified on this blog. Please note this error in the Crop Protection Guide for Ginseng.


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