Pest Control Product Changes for Ginseng Growers for 2020

Due to re-evaluations by PMRA and new registrations there are several changes to pest control product options for the 2020 growing season. Ginseng growers will have to adjust product rotations accordingly.

Changes Due to Re-Evaluations

  1. Reduced number of applications for chlorothalonil products (Bravo, Echo)

The number of applications permitted per season for all chlorothalonil products will be reduced this year from 6 applications to 3, with one of the three reserved for the last application in the fall. Formulation changes are also being made. The Restricted Entry Interval (REI) has been reduced from 48 hr to 12 hr, meaning workers can enter the field sooner after application. Since chlorothalonil products form a core product in the fungicide rotation for ginseng and it is a useful tool for resistance management, growers will need to adjust their fungicide rotations to ensure both efficacy for Alternaria and Botrytis control and resistance management. This may mean that growers will have to use a wider range of products over the season. There are also other minor changes to chlorothalonil labels including personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Refer to the new labels for additional requirements.

  1. Rovral (iprodione) de-registration

Rovral can no longer be sold after June 1 and then growers have 1 year to use up existing stock. After June 1, 2021, Rovral will no longer be permitted for use on ginseng.

  1. Changes to captan (Maestro, Captan, Supra Captan) labels

The labels for all captan products are changing including some formulation changes. The number of applications will remain the same for ginseng, but REIs are being reduced for most activities in the field. There are also additional changes related to PPE requirements and other safety procedures. Refer to the new labels for additional requirements. These changes will not be reflected in the latest version of the Crop Protection Guide for Ginseng.

These are all the re-evaluation decisions that affect ginseng that have been finalized to date. Other product changes are anticipated over the next couple of years based on draft decisions but have not been finalized yet.

Other Product Changes

  1. Apron Maxx seed treatment has been registered for use on ginseng. This is the only seed treatment approved for use on ginseng.
  2. The Orondis Gold fungicide formulation has been changed from a co-pack to a pre-mix. For resistance management, it is recommended that the product be applied with an additional tank mix partner. Consult the registrant (Syngenta) for suggested and compatible tank-mix partners.
  3. Scorpio Ant and Insect Bait is now registered for control of cutworms in ginseng.

Most of this information is included in the newest version of OMAFRA Publication 847, which is available for purchase or download as a pdf at the following link:

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