Apron Maxx RTA Seed Treatment Registered for Use on Ginseng

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the approval of an URMULE registration for Apron Maxx RTA seed treatment for the control of seed rot/pre-emergence damping-off, post-emergence damping-off and seedling blight caused by Fusarium spp., Pythium spp., and Rhizoctonia spp. and Cylindrocarpon root rot caused by Cylindrocarpon destructans on ginseng.

This minor use project was sponsored by OMAFRA as a result of minor use priorities established by growers and extension personnel.

This product replaces Apron XL LS and Maxim 480 FS which are no longer being marketed individually in Canada. It is the only seed treatment available for use on ginseng.

The following is provided as an abbreviated, general outline only. Users should be making pest management decisions within a robust integrated disease management program and should consult the complete label before using Apron Maxx RTA seed treatment.

Apply Apron Maxx RTA seed treatment at a rate of 665 mL per 100 kg of seed. One application as a seed treatment before planting. For ginseng, this application must be post-stratification. For treatment by commercial seed treaters (facilities and mobile treaters) only. Consult the label for detailed use instructions.

For a copy of the new minor use label contact your local crop specialist, regional supply outlet or visit the PMRA label site http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/cps-spc/pest/registrant-titulaire/tools-outils/label-etiq-eng.php. Note: This article is not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation for these particular products, but rather a notice of registration activity.

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