2019 OMAFRA Hazelnut Workshops

Ontario hazelnut growers are invited to attend the following training workshops being offered by OMAFRA during the 2019 field season.

Hazelnut Integrated Pest Management Training

Date: Wednesday, May 8 2019, 1-4:30 pm

Location: Simcoe-OMAFRA Resource Centre Auditorium

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2 Responses to 2019 OMAFRA Hazelnut Workshops

  1. I says:

    Hi folks. Is there a cost to these workshops? Are any new varieties of hazelnut completely resistant or immune to EFB? Thanks

    • Melanie Filotas says:

      There is no cost to attend the OMAFRA hazelnut workshops. University of Guelph research trials have identified some hazelnut cultivars that appear to be more tolerant to Ontario strains of EFB, however at present nut characteristics of these cultivars may not be acceptable to all major hazelnut processors. Stay tuned to this blog for future updates on hazelnut cultivars.

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