Mid Summer Cover Crop Management


Managing the Warm Season Grasses – While it is too late to plant, there is still time to mow pearl millet or sorghum sudan if they are starting to get a bit tall. Check that the mower is set to cut above 6 to 8 inches to protect the growing point of the grass and to allow for a speedy regrowth. Adjust the mower to spread the plant residue as evenly as possible. Heavy windrows of plant residue will smother regrowth and make for an inconsistent stand, allowing weeds to invade. Cutting the millet or sorghum will keep the plant growing actively and will tend to result in residues that breakdown more readily. In addition, research from New York has suggested that the root system will get larger and in particular deeper, helping to reduce compaction.

Mid Summer Cover Photo 1 Mowed residue choking out sorghum regrowth.

Tips for Adjusting Seeding Rates in Cover Crop…

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