Dupont Exirel insecticide registered on several specialty crops

The DUPONT EXIREL insecticide label was recently expanded to include several new crop groups which include specialty crops grown in Ontario.  These include:

  • Control of certain caterpillar pests, aphids and flea beeltes on Root Vegetables except sugar beet, Crop Group 1B, (including burdock, celeriac, chervil, chicory, ginseng, horseradish, parsnip, radish, oriental radish, rutabaga and turnip).
  • Control of certain caterpiallar pests, soybean aphid and bean leaf beetle on Legume Vegetables, Crop Group 6 (including edamame, yardlong bean and several others)
  • Control of various caterpillar pests of Low Growing Berries except strawberry, Crop Subgroup 13-07H (bearberry, bilberry, lowbush blueberry, cloudberry, cranberry, lingonberry, muntries and partridgeberry)
  • Control of various caterpillar pests of Peanuts

For detailed instructions on pests controlled, rates and other instructions, refer to the product label.   Labels can be obtained from the registrant or on the PMRA website at:

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