Brown marmorated stink bug update: distribution, monitoring and research

While we do not yet know whether brown marmorated stink bugs will be an economically important pest for specialty crops in Ontario, it is a good idea for specialty crop growers to monitor for this pest. BMSB will feed on an extremely wide range of crops, including several specialty crops growing in Ontario (e.g. okra and many tree nuts). A list of crops on which BMSB feeding has been observed in the United States can be found at For more information on BMSB in Ontario, see this article from Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA Entomology Program Lead for Horticulture.


Hannah Fraser, Entomology Program Lead – Horticulture, OMAFRA

Where is BMSB?Brown marmorated stink bugWe have been actively monitoring for BMSB since 2011. As of June 2015, we have confirmed BMSB has established (breeding) populations at 5 locations in Ontario, but based on trap captures of adults and homeowner finds, we suspect a much wider distribution. Most BMSB in Ontario have been found by homeowners, and in some locations, multiple reports indicate that local populations have been established. There have been almost 300 confirmed BMSB homeowner finds in Ontario to date!

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