Soil Health Day


The Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario, in cooperation with the OMAFRA Soil Team, presents:

Dr. Christine Jones on How to Restore and Rebuild Soil and Multi-Species Cover Crop Demonstration

Healthy topsoil depends on us.
And our future depends on building healthy topsoil.
The greatest challenge and opportunity facing agriculture.

Dr. Christine Jones is an internationally renowned groundcover and soils ecologist with a PhD in Soil Biochemistry. She has worked with farmers on four continents – farmers intent on regenerating tired soil. She demonstrates how to restore the elements that will bring new life back into soil, build organic matter, improve soil structure, increase water retention capacity and create fertile ground.

Dr. Jones has a wealth of experience working with innovative landholders to implement regenerative land management practices that enhance biodiversity, increase biological activity, sequester carbon, activate soil nutrient cycles, restore water balance, improve productivity and create new topsoil.


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Ginseng and Medicinal Herbs Specialist, OMAFRA
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