Ginseng Crop Update – April 20, 2015

As of Friday, April 17 all ages of ginseng were still below the soil (Figure 1). Seeds had small developing roots but were probably at least a couple of weeks from emergence (Figure 2). Older gardens will likely begin to emerge soon, although the cool weather forecast for this week will slow emergence. Now is the time for glyphosate applications (see note)  and Quadris application to new gardens. Note: Glyphosate must be applied before the ginseng emerges from the soil.

Figure 1. 2-year old ginseng buds enlarging below the soil on April 17.

Figure 2. Germinating ginseng seedlings on April 17.

The new Crop Protection Guide for Ginseng – Publication 847 is now available. This publication replaces the old Supplement to Publication 610 that was released annually. It contains an updated list of the products registered for use on ginseng. It also includes new information on integrated pest management in ginseng and an expanded section on fumigation. One copy of the guide is available for pick-up to grower members of the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association that did not receive their copy at the Annual General Meeting. Otherwise the guide is available for purchase ($5 + tax) at the OMAFRA Simcoe Resource Centre or through Service Ontario.

The original Publication 610 Production Recommendations for Ginseng has been replaced with Publication 848 Guide to Ginseng Production. This guide is expected to be released in June, 2015. Publication 848 will include an overview of commercial ginseng production from seed handling through to post-harvest practices, including pest biology.

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