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Tracking Lavender Pests over the Growing Season

Lavender is affected by several insect and disease pests but little is known about their development and life cycle on the crop. In 2015 we monitored four lavender sites over the growing season for all major and minor pests to … Continue reading

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How are pesticides registered in Canada?

Pesticide Registration in Canada and Ontario By Allison Moorman, OMAFRA-University of Guelph USEL Student A pesticide, or pest control product, is a substance (insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide) used to prevent, destroy or repel pest organisms. All products applied to a … Continue reading

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Watch out for bacterial blight in hazelnuts

From Erica De Jong, OMAFRA Summer Student and Melanie Filotas, Specialty Crops IPM Specialist, OMAFRA While most members of Ontario’s emerging hazelnut industry recognize the importance of managing eastern filbert blight, other pests can also affect this crop and will … Continue reading

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Ginseng Crop Update – August 22, 2014

We have been finding a significant amount of aphids in ginseng fields over the past few weeks. They have been found on all ages of ginseng and several areas of the ginseng growing region. Look for aphids on the underside … Continue reading

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Controlling Pests Around Farm Buildings

By Wayne Du, On-Farm Food Safety Specialist, OMAF and MRA Pests such as rodents and insects that inhabit farm buildings can carry pathogens, contaminate food or spread disease. If not properly controlled they will not only cost you money but … Continue reading

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Phytophthora Root Rot of Lavender Identified in Ontario

As acreage of lavender increases in Ontario, it is inevitable that new pests will begin to show up in the field. Up until now, the pests of lavender have not caused major economic damage. Four-lined plant bugs can cause unsightly … Continue reading

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