Deadline Extended to Nov 5: Calling All Ontario Hop Growers – We Need Your Help!

As reported during the September ONHoppenings webinar, OMAFRA is currently developing a Brewers Guide to Ontario-Grown Hop Varieties in collaboration with the Ontario Hop Growers’ Association (OHGA) and the Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) to assist with marketing Ontario-grown hops.

Background: Feedback we’ve received over the past year has suggested that brewers do not know about the diversity of hop varieties grown in Ontario or where to source them. The intent of the guide is to provide a current list of Ontario-grown hop varieties and basic brewing values to assist brewers in planning their recipes and sourcing more Ontario-grown hops. The guide will be updated biennially to capture any new varieties being grown in the province and to expand the brewing values information as it becomes available after each harvest year.

We need your help!

In order to have the most up to date information for the guide, we are asking for your input.

  1. Please review the attached spreadsheet and confirm all varieties you grow are captured in the list. If you grow a variety that is not listed, please insert it at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  2. If willing, insert any brewing value results from your hops for each variety you grow (in the columns marked ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’, and ‘Cohumulone’). Provide just the lowest and highest value across all years for each variety you grow. DO NOT include ‘expected ranges’ reported from hops grown in other growing regions.
  3. Email your input to Evan Elford, OMAFRA New Crop Development Specialist at by new deadline Friday, November 5, 2021.

Please Note: Data will be aggregated across all farms wherever possible to provide the most fulsome range of values reported in Ontario-grown hop varieties.

Click the link below to review the Ontario-grown hop variety list:

Thank you for your time and support for this publication!

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