June 16, 2021 Ontario Hazelnut Crop Update

Crop Status

Hazelnut nut clusters can now be seen in most varieties across southern Ontario. Some folks are seeing nut clusters form for the first time since planting – congratulations! In that case, you may be interested in an event that Oregon State University is running to help small growers decide how to price their products. Remember that all of this information will be provided in an Oregon context, and adjust accordingly. This link will take you to the Facebook page with the event information.

A newly-formed hazelnut with a hand holding it.
A newly-formed hazelnut with a hand holding it.

New leaves are also still rapidly growing. Some growers may be concerned to see a slight purpling on these young leaves, especially if you have experience with corn and associate purpling with phosphorus deficiency. However, in hazelnuts this is just a sign of rapid growth and is a good thing.

A closeup of hazelnut branches and leaves, with the new leaves on the end tinged purple.

Pest Update

Coming shortly. In the meantime, for pest control options, please refer to OMAFRA Publication 360E.

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