Updated Pest Control Products List for Hops 2020

Below is an updated list of pest control products registered for use on hops in Ontario.  The full list can be found by clicking on the link below.

Hops Pesticides 2020

New products for 2020 are: SuffOil X for aphids, mites and powdery mildew,  Kanemite for mites, Timorex Gold for powdery mildew and Axxe Herbicide for pre-emergent weed control. Additionally, the entry for Ridomil has been updated to reflect the reduction in preharvest interval to 90 days.  Ontario hops growers should also be aware that this is the last year to use the fungicide Quintec, as this product is being phased in 2021.

This list includes both conventional and organic products.  A list of products that might be acceptable in organic production can be found in Table 4 of the document, however organic growers should always check with their certifying bodies before applying any product.

Note that pesticide registrations are always changing – as we become aware of changes in the status of existing or new crops, we will try to update that information on this blog. However, as always, this list does not replace the need for growers to thoroughly read product labels prior to application. For full labels, growers can visit the Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s label database

Products in the tables are grouped by chemical family. Pest control products are grouped into families by mode of action to aid in resistance management. There is always the potential for pest populations to become resistant to pest control products with repeated use. To delay this, avoid constantly applying products from the same chemical family. Instead, alternate between products with different chemical family numbers.


Accessible Version of Hops Pesticides List 2020

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