New fungicide available for hazelnut growers

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) recently announced the registration for Quash Fungicide for suppression of eastern filbert blight on hazelnuts.  Quash contains the active ingredient metconazole, a group 3 fungicide, and therefore provides Ontario hazelnut growers with a new resistant management partner as previously only two fungicide groups were registered on hazelnut, Groups M (Bravo and certain copper products) and 11 (Flint and Quadris).

The following is provided as an abbreviated, general outline only. Users should be making pest management decisions within a robust integrated disease management program and should consult the complete label before using Quash Fungicide.

Quash can be applied to hazelnuts starting at bud swell to bud break at a rate of 285 g/ha, at 10-14 day intervals, using a shorter spray interval when conditions are conducive to disease development.   Quash is most effective when applied and allowed to dry before a rainfall. Rotate applications of Quash with products from other fungicide groups (M and 11).  Do not make more than 4 applications of Quash per season.  Quash has a 25-day pre-harvest interval (PHI) and a 12-hour restricted entry interval.

Follow all precautions and detailed directions for use on the Quash label carefully.

For a copy of the new minor use label contact your local crop specialist, regional supply outlet or visit the PMRA label site

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