Switchgrass and Miscanthus Agronomy Basics Books Now Available

From Mahendra Thimmanagari, OMAFRA Bio-products Specialistsgf2_zoom

The Ontario Biomass Producers Cooperative (OBPC)  have recently published two excellent production guides on switchgrass and miscanthus:

SWITCHGRASS Agronomy 2016; and  MISCANTHUS  Agronomy 2016

These agronomy basics books provide a summary of research and practical knowledge about growing and harvesting switchgrass and miscanthus. They are designed for farmers to get a basic understanding of the latest knowledge and experience from Ontario and other relevant jurisdictions.

To access these  production guides and videos, please visit the following page: http://www.ontariobiomassproducersgroup.wildapricot.org/Agronomy-Guides-and-Grower-Info

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