Reminder: Check and Double-check that Haskap Bird Netting

Early season haskap cultivars, such as the Indigo series, are progressing towards harvest; however, as fruits are ripening, it is critical to get that bird netting over your bushes to protect the berries from scavengers.

Unfortunately this year at the Simcoe Research Station our haskap trial had some invaders.  Our bird netting, which is 6 years old, had a few holes in it.  Although we repaired the netting (or thought we did…), Cedar Waxwings, which seemed particularly aggressive this year, were still able to gain entry through the netting and damage our research plot.

In the evening of June 7th/morning of June 8th we had 12 birds get through the netting and completely ruin the fruit in the haskap trial.  A very unfortunate circumstance!

This situation serves as a reminder for growers to be vigilant in setting out bird netting early, while the berries are still green (around the end of May), and continually check for any areas where birds can gain entry.  Also consider replacing aging netting to prevent an unfortunate situation like ours.



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