Hop Update – May 14, 2013: Stringing, Trellising and Irrigation

Hello Ontario hop growers! This morning I noticed that one of the top search terms on our blog in May 2016 was for ‘how to tie hop twine’ and ‘hop twine knots’. After looking up this old posting, the blog stats reported that it had been viewed a number of times this month. So, here it is as a re-blog – hope it is useful! Happy stringing!


Evan Elford, New Crop Development Specialist, OMAF and MRA

Hop yard stringing and trellising is taking place across the province, with hops reaching 1.6m or more in some areas.  In the Norfolk County area, established hops are at the principle growth stage 1, ‘Leaf Development’ (stage 19 with more than 9 pairs of leaves unfolded) and approximately 1.6 m high.

Let’s review a few basics for those who are about to string or are in the process of stringing their hop yard.

Stringing and Trellising

Tying the Knot:

To attach the coir twine to the top wire, a Lanyard Hitch knot, also known as a Cow Hitch knot,  is commonly employed (Figure 1 and 2).

Lanyard knot 1Lanyard knot 2

Figure 1: Loose version of a Lanyard Hitch/Cow Hitch knot.  Figure 2: Lanyard Hitch/Cow Hitch knot tightened onto the wire.

Here is a link to an animated tutorial on tying a Lanyard…

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