Herbicide Screening Trials for Ontario Grown Quinoa

P1130751Early season weed management is a limiting factor for quinoa production in Ontario. Currently there are no registered herbicides for use on the crop in Canada which is a concern for the commercial development of locally produced quinoa.    In 2015, an OMAFRA field project, with assistance from AAFC, evaluated crop injury and yield of Ontario field-grown quinoa with applications of various herbicides to better understand potential weed management options for the crop.

The study evaluated a total of 14 pre and post emergent herbicide treatments (7 different herbicides). The most promising treatments from the trial were post-emergent applications of s-metolacholor/benoxacor (Dual II Magnum) and pendimethalin (Prowl H2O).  Minimal crop damage was observed with applications of s-metolachlolor/benoxacor.  Some plant injury was observed in plots treated with pendimethalin, however, no statistically significant reduction was found in plant height or plant density compared to control plots.

Click here for a complete summary of the project from the 2015 field trial.

Results from the project indicate there may be some selective herbicide options to explore for future registration on quinoa, however, more research is required to optimize herbicide application timing on the crop.


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