Hop Update (Supplement to May 14 Hop Update) – Soaking Coir Twine

Evan Elford, New Crop Development Specialist, OMAF and MRA

As a supplement to the May 14th Hop Update (http://onspecialtycrops.ca/2013/05/14/hop-update-may-14-2013-stringing-trellising-and-irrigation/) a few growers have asked how long they should soak their coir twine before stringing.

After discussing this practice with a few extension colleagues in Canada and the USA, it appears the general practice is to soak the coir twine in water for 24-36 hours prior to stringing.  This will allow the coir to become more pliable and easier to work with.  Additionally, as the coir dries out, the knot will shrink around the top wire holding it more firmly in place thus reducing the possibility of slippage.

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