New Niagara College Survey for Ontario Hop Growers

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In a continued effort to understand the needs of the hop sector in Ontario, Niagara College has initiated a new survey to update information for the industry.

Niagara College Research & Innovation invites you to complete the following survey. The purpose of this survey is to understand the potential market in Ontario for hop growing & commercialization. The information that will be gathered from this survey is essential in creating interest in the Ontario hop market and for developing strategies to support its future. As a part of the hop growing industry your feedback is very important. The data collected will aid in the development of Ontario’s hop market and benefit all hop farmers. No personal information will be collected, and all of the opinions and information will be kept completely confidential. Only aggregated data will be reported. By participating in this survey you are giving your consent to Research & Innovation to collect and use this information for research purposes.

Deadline for the survey is October 18, 2015.

If you would like to participate in this survey, please click the following link:

For questions regarding the survey, please contact Alejandra Ruiz Aguirre, Business Research Assistant, Niagara College Research & Innovation at 905.641.2252 x 4286 or email

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