Ginseng Gardens Needed for Two Important Surveys

The OGGA is conducting two field surveys this year and we need your assistance with both:

1. Ginseng Fumigation Survey: A survey is being conducted to determine the effect of the different fumigants on disease and nematode pressure. In 2012, the loss of Telone resulted in several new products and techniques for fumigation. A survey will help to determine which fumigants resulted in the best nematode and disease control. The survey will focus on fields fumigated in 2012 and now entering their second year. We would like to compare tarped and untarped chloropicrin to metam-sodium, and potentially other fumigants like Telone C-17 applied in the fall of 2011 and Basamid.

What we need: We need 2-year gardens to survey over the next two years. Root samples will be collected from 5 separate areas of the garden and used to diagnose diseases affecting the roots.

What you gain: Participating growers will gain a range of diagnostic tests from those fields of more value than the lost roots.

2. Replant Survey: The OGGA is beginning a multi-year research effort to identify the cause and find solutions to replant disease of ginseng. Replant gardens will be used to identify causes of replant, which could eventually lead to solutions.

What we need: We need to survey any gardens where replant is being attempted. If you have a site either being planted this year or already growing, we would like to sample roots/soil beginning in 2014 and continuing to harvest. Root samples will be collected from 5 separate areas and used to diagnose diseases affecting the roots. Soil samples will be collected throughout and used for nematode counts and for nutrient analysis. This survey is one of the most critical research projects for identification of the causes of replant disease and it is essential for us to have access to as many replant gardens as possible.

What you gain: Growers will gain a vast amount of diagnostic and soil nutrient tests on replant sites with a value far exceeding the cost of the lost root. This will help growers manage diseases and ensure timely application of fungicides.

The OGGA has hired a new Research Associate, Rachel Riddle. Rachel will be the lead on replant disease research over the next several years and the main contact for these two surveys. If you have gardens available for either or both surveys, please email Rachel at

About Sean Westerveld

Ginseng and Medicinal Herbs Specialist, OMAFRA
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